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Travelling alone is one of the habits that has been spreading more and more in recent years. Article by blog. Whether they are young or not, men or women, many people choose to venture on a journey in complete solitude and autonomy, without any delay or fear. The reasons can be the most varied, from those who try to be alone with themselves for a while, to those who – only in life – decide to take courage and begin to travel independently. There are also many different destinations, from adventurous and unexplored destinations to places of absolute relaxation such as a boutique hotel in Rome, the perfect Teatro Pace.

Traveling alone, why do it

The motivations that can push a person to travel alone are the most diverse among them. In general, however, travelling alone is in itself an experience that aims to increase awareness of one’s own person and freedom. Travelling alone, you are forced to rely completely on yourself and, often, to relate to perfect strangers, with whom you can perhaps exchange a few jokes at lunch or while having breakfast. It is not uncommon, precisely for this reason, to have some perplexity to venture into a journey alone, especially if you are at first experience in this field.

Some preliminary advice: organization

That’s why good advice will be valuable to get away in complete autonomy with some security. The first rule, which is also the most important one, is organization. Organizing your own trip by yourself is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises during the course of the work. Of course, let’s leave ourselves the possibility to improvise and to be able to decide also on the basis of the situation we live in and at the moment. Organization yes, therefore, but without exaggerating and without planning all the smallest details, especially if we talk about the movements. Precisely because we travel alone we may also decide to rely on the advice of local people to understand where to go and how much time to spend on a new place.

Useful advice from baggage to language

Some other useful tips for travelling alone, starting with luggage that should not always be too heavy. If we move by ourselves, a few garments will suffice, without carrying half a wardrobe behind us. Let’s remember that then we will have to carry our suitcase, even when we are tired and alone so the best idea is to make it light and comfortable. Another useful suggestion is to learn some useful phrases in the language of our destination. At least a few, essential, ways of saying that allow us to relate with other people in a natural way.

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