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When we talk about religious events, very often we tend to associate them with long functions or celebrations and that usually do not leave too much to aesthetics. It must be said, however, that some religious celebrations in certain parts of Italy take on a really fascinating folkloristic outline.

It ‘s the case of Sorrento, which during the Days of the Eucharist gives life to the famous processions, renowned throughout the world for the dedication of those who take part and for the suggestion that they are able to give.

The most important processions in Sorrento are two. The white procession and the black procession. The first, the white one, is held in the middle of the night between Thursday and Good Friday. He sees men dressed in white robes, with lighted torches, visiting the tombs, all in representation of the exit of Mary in search of her son, Jesus Christ, sentenced to death.

The black procession, which takes place on Good Friday evening, is more heavy and solemn and represents the moments in which the Madonna finds her dead son. The participants here are dressed in black habit and hood and carry a sculpture of the dead Christ.

It’s time to sleep in Sorrento, though. Because it is precisely at night that the processions take on their most expressive aspect, bewitching those present. Not only will you be enchanted by the devotion of the penitents, but you will also be dragged and subdued by the solemn funeral marches that the drums will let resonate in the air.

For those who love the traditions of a people, for those who want to live fully the customs of the places you visit, then it is important that at least once you decide to go to Sorrento not only for the beauty of the sea, the views and good food, but also to look with your own eyes at a ritual that, without a doubt, will be remembered for a long time.

Of course, the good food and the pure air of the Sorrento Peninsula are not to be excluded. Easter in Sorrento brings with it delicious dishes, good weather and lots of fun. You can taste the delicacies of tradition, such as casatiello – sweet or salty! – but also the salted pastiera, baked pasta and much more.

Sorrento is a magical place in many ways and these are, of course, just some of the many. The advice is to find special offers to stay in the city for several days, so you can experience the event of Easter since its preparation, discovering the self-sacrifice and attachment of a people to its traditions, making an idea of the city of Tasso that goes beyond the usual clichés and that allows you to fully understand the beauty of Sorrento and its people.

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