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Of all the optical devices used by people, the most famous are glasses. They are used for different purposes. For example, some types are necessary for vision correction, while others can be used to reliably protect the eyes from the negative effects of space: sunlight, dust, mechanical damage. Choose the best sunglasses for volleyball.

Why are sports glasses needed?

An athlete’s outfit can consist of several or many parts. And a lot depends on what kind of sport we are talking about. For example, a swimmer has only swimming trunks and a special hat on his head, while a skier has more clothing in addition to ski equipment. But one of the details that must be present in the outfit of many athletes is special glasses. They are used to protect the eyes from such negative factors as sunlight, wind, snow and water. Glasses have their own design features, but they still have lenses and frames.

The frame of sports glasses has its own characteristics. They must definitely fit snugly to the head. This primarily concerns the frame, which must be flexible. But there is also a second feature – providing a broad overview. Every year sports glasses are produced with some changes. This is especially true of their shape: they become more practical and comfortable. But it is necessary to pay attention to one more of their features – these are lenses that must be of a certain color. The athlete should not choose the color of the lenses at will, he needs to take into account what kind of sport he is engaged in.

Sports glasses with and without diopters

When sports glasses first began to appear, they were without diopters. That is, it was initially assumed that only those who have good eyesight should go in for sports. They are needed to protect the eyes from various factors:

  • swimmers – from the water;
  • biathletes and all other skiers – from snow and sun glare;
  • cyclists and motorcyclists – from dust and air movement;
  • drivers – from dust, dirt and sunlight.

It must be added that biathletes need glasses to protect their eyes and from powder gases. Don’t forget about injuries, which can also harm your eyes. And only with the help of reliable glasses will it be possible to protect them when falling.

Eyeglasses are needed for those athletes who have vision problems. They have other design features, due to which a combination of protective properties with vision correction is achieved. But in any cases, regardless of whether glasses are with diopters or simply perform a protective function of the eyes, special attention must be paid to lenses. It is very important that they do not fog up. This is achieved thanks to a special coating called antifog.

The color of the lenses depends not only on the sport but also on the time of day.

  1. For swimming in open water, only dark lenses are suitable, and in an indoor pool, they should be light.
  2. Motorcyclists and cyclists will prefer a green shade during the day, and orange lenses should be used for the evening.
  3. It is very important for tennis players that the ball is contrasting, so the lenses should be blue or green.
  4. Skiers usually wear glasses with amber or brown lenses. And if the weather is cloudy, red is more suitable.
    If we are talking about racers, they will fit exactly the same sports glasses as motorcycle racers. But you just need to look so that they have a polarizing anti glare effect.

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