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Speaking of Sardinia, the first thought is certainly turned to the beautiful beaches lulled by the blue of a breathtaking sea. This island is undoubtedly one of the favorite destinations for those traveling in summer, but if you think that Sardinia has nothing to offer during the rest of the year, we want to lead you to the discovery of the incredible traditions that the Land of the Nuraghi celebrates every year.

Enchanted landscapes frame cultural, historical and enogastronomic treasures that we suggest you to discover at least once in your life.

By participating in one of the many traditional festivals of the island you will be able to know the true essence of a people with a strong personality handed down from generation to generation.

Travelling in the period of Carnival, between 15 and 18 January is celebrated the “feast of St. Anthony the Abbot”, made “mythological” by the legend that tells how the saint stole a spark from the underworld and gave light and warmth to their land. It is from here that the custom of lighting a large bonfire in the center of the square around which, inhabitants and tourists, will have to make three turns counterclockwise to choose a vote asking for a grace.

This festival involves several towns on the island, including Bosa, Monastir, Sinnai, Tortoli, Sassari, Orosei and Budoni.

Also during the Carnival, you can not help but participate in the fascinating parade of the Mamuthones of Mamoida, animated by men dressed in black sheepskin that cross the streets of the country wearing a disquieting black mask with big cowbells. The Mamuthones are accompanied throughout the route by the Issohadores, who hidden behind a white mask try to capture passers-by using a rope – and giving health and fertility to women and good work to men who are captured.

In the Easter period, instead, in Castelsardo takes place the Procession of the Mysteries (known as “Lunissanti”), during which the faithful accompany several statues representing the passion of Christ, through a procession involving, while in Iglesias is memorized the resurrection of Christ tracing a spiritual path, mystical and sacred at the same time that gives life to the fascinating “Sa Chida Santa”.

This ceremony has very ancient roots dating back to the last decades of 1600 and is based on the Iberian traditions introduced during the Spanish domination of the Sardinian island.

If you are thinking of spending a weekend or a longer period in the magnificent Sardinia, we suggest you to reach the island by ferry to be able to transport your car moving independently to discover the places and events not to be missed. Ferries to Sardinia are very frequent and often at low cost, and especially in low season it will be easy to access promotional rates offered by the various shipping companies.

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