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Autumn has arrived all over Italy, but Palermo seems not to want to present itself, it is well known that the Sicilian summer season extends throughout September and October and many take advantage of these last flashes of summer days to spend pleasant days at the beach or in major tourist destinations. The main advantage is the ability to avoid the mass of holidaymakers and then enjoy the places that are usually crowded but that in this period they begin to empty, is the case of San Vito Lo Capo, the seaside resort famous throughout Italy for its heavenly beaches but also for one of the most anticipated annual events, the “Cous Cous Fest” that brings together chefs from around the world and the best palates.

If you are among the few who can take advantage of the holidays in this period, Palermo with its surroundings, could be the ideal destination, on the other hand, the whole of Sicily is perfect for a “summer holiday in autumn”! Also being in low season the budget to come and visit Palermo is really low.

Here are some tips that may come in handy if you decide to spend a couple of days in Palermo autumn:

Where to stay – choose a hotel or any accommodation that is located in the historic center, doing so you will have more freedom of movement within the city but also to other destinations in Western Sicily, such as San Vito, the Zingaro Nature Reserve, Castellammare del Golfo. You can book online, searching the web for words like “b&b Palermo” and you will find many bed and breakfast for every need.

In the suitcase – at this time of year in Palermo the weather is pleasant with temperatures that are around 23 ° -26 °, it is still possible that some small downpour catches you by surprise so bring some clothing suitable for the rain. Your suitcase must also contain the swimsuit and sunscreen, which will certainly need more than an umbrella.

Moving – not a major problem, if you have carefully chosen the accommodation and are in the historic center of the city, then you can move by public transport to the destinations you want. The centre can also be visited on foot, but if you decide to go out of town, the train is the most suitable means of transport. I just wish you a good stay in Palermo Autumn, you will be fascinated by the atmosphere of the city and with a bit of luck you will also be able to go to the beach, perhaps making envy to your friends stayed at home.

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