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Among the many historical theories that have inevitably developed on a place as remote as Iceland, one of the most popular is that the first discoverers of this land were Scottish monks in the eighth century. However, there are no reports of local settlements until the end of the ninth century, and these were essentially built by Norwegians and Irish.

In fact, today, tourists who go to Iceland do so because of the unique atmosphere of the place. The scenery is incredible, and there are many views that are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

An example? More than a tenth of the entire surface of Iceland is covered by ever frozen rivers, and many of them, at their mouth, have naturally hot springs of thermal water: a spectacle almost unique. Or, for the many who are fascinated by it, Iceland can be the ideal place to witness that particular natural phenomenon that is the midnight sun: in December, in fact, Iceland has light for almost all the twenty-four hours of the day, which creates an extremely special atmosphere. And again in winter, many tourists come to Iceland to admire the lights known as Aurora Borealis: light waves in the sky, with bright colors of pink, yellow, blue and green, which many could only see in photography or in some documentary. And let’s not forget Icelandic beaches, the only ones in the world with black volcanic sand.

But in addition to geology shows, Iceland has much more to offer First of all, for sportsmen, there are of course many opportunities and resorts for winter sports, such as skiing and skating, but perhaps not everyone knows that for those who love birdwatching Iceland is the ideal destination, with its 200 species of local birds, especially around Lake Mývatn, or that Iceland also offers, in addition to many opportunities to go horseback riding, fishing, or climbing in the mountains, excellent golf courses and a beautiful sea for sailing. And all in an extremely relaxing environment, with the lowest population density in Europe, even in a fascinating city like Rejkiavik, where modern apartment buildings are flanked by old iron houses. And finally, for those who want an absolutely unique destination, Iceland offers the most powerful waterfalls in Europe, the Dettifoss, within the natural park of the same name, the Blue Lagoon, a natural lake where the water remains all year round at a temperature of 40 degrees, even when the climate around is very harsh, and finally, for those who loved Verne, the Vatnajökull, the volcano from which began the Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

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