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Until recently it was an almost unknown area, remembered only for the landings of refugees in nearby Italy, but now it is becoming a much sought after tourist destination. We are talking about Albania, and its fantastic and pristine coastline, which has extraordinary beaches with coves of white sand, interspersed with rocks or long strips of sand.

Albania, however, is not only sea, but also unspoiled nature, with beautiful forests, breathtaking mountain landscapes, and then ancient traditions that still survive without external contamination despite the recent troubled years that this country has lived. Thanks to all this, today Albania is one of the favorite destinations for Italians, who with a few hours of navigation, can reach these beautiful coasts.

Albanian ferries are safe, fast, and affordable. There are several shipping lines that depart from the Italian ports in the direction of Durres. From Bari, Ancona and Trieste it is possible, therefore, to reach Durres with these ferries, and once you are on land, you can start to move to the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

The most beautiful and evocative area where you can spend your holiday by the sea, is undoubtedly the coast that starts from the city of Vlore, and winds towards the lower part until you reach Saranda. Past Mount Llogara, about a thousand meters high, what you can admire in front of you is a breathtaking view with stony mountains in the background, landscapes full of greenery, and long sandy beaches, bathed by a sea of incredible colors, with all shades of blue.

A succession of emotions, with unique changes of scenery, passing from the green of the woods, to the blue of the sea, you reach Saranda, the most famous seaside resort in Albania. Even the city of Dhermi, where you get there after walking through a picturesque olive grove, has a beach of extraordinary beauty and nature still untouched, while Himara recalls a Greek village, with its promenade and its two most important beaches: Potam and Spile. This city also gives its name to the gulf that protects it, and is an ideal seaside resort for its climate.

Not to be missed is also Porto Palermo, which was born in a natural bay particularly suggestive, and here you can visit the old military base is the bunker dug directly into the mountain where they found shelter submarines. Let’s close the roundup of the most beautiful seaside resorts of Albania with Ksamil, which with its four islets, has a unique setting, and offers a series of beaches of particular beauty, as well as being the last city before the border with Greece. So, for the beauty of the places, the hospitality, the closeness with Italy, the very competitive prices, and for the uncontaminated sea; Albania is rising to the limelight in the special classification of the places more visited by the Italians.

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